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What are some of the most common printing items?

We've been present in the local community over the past decade and that's given us some perspective on what local customers like, and what's been most effective to their businesses.

Businesses use print in all shapes and sizes.

Our community hosts a variety of businesses; restaurants, schools, shops, real estate offices, to name a few. In doing business with our local partners we've gained insight into what benefits businesses most. In this post we'll go over five items that we've found effective and beneficial to our local partners.

1. Business Cards

This is a common item that often goes overlooked. Many people are convinced that because we're now in a digital age that business cards are not as important as they once were, however, they're more impacting than ever. Business cards can be seen as an extension of your online presence and as a way to introduce your brand into a demographic that might not have had been reached through traditional online means.

2. Menus

One might thing that menus are something that is limited to restaurants or cafés that simply isn't the case. We ourselves use a menu style brochure to help communicate our services and offerings to our customers. The reason this benefits most businesses is because it makes it easy for customers to easily see pricing information and it assists with the consultation processes with potential leads.

3. Catalogs

Catalogs are also a great communication tool, they're great to hand out after an initial consultation process. It allows customers to see in full detail what your offer and it's a way to engage with a customer outside of the digital landscape. Did you know that print is 59% more engaging than online articles? [, 2018]

4. Banners

There are instances where the right customer is driving right by your location and they are unaware that you are there, and this is why we recommend banners. Banners add visibility to your business and allow to you to target customer that are within close proximity of your business. They're already commuting past your business, this will serve as a net to bring in potential leads.

5. Postcards

Postcards, like business cards, still have a proper place in todays day and age. If your business sells a product, you can use it to promote complimentary products or something to pass along to friends and family to spread your brands awareness. If your business offers a service, a postcard can be utilized as a promotional product such as a calendar or reference sheet and customer appreciate the versatility of it and will constantly see and think of your brand.

Did we miss anything? Feel free to let us know what you think!


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